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Customer Speaks

"Alex worked like a senior tech and did an excellent job resolving my issue and I was able to access my emails, my computer. Everything is working so great. My computer is running so fast. I am very happy with Alex. Shawn needs to learn from Alex. Why was Shawn not able to do what Alex did just now. I lost my $100 because of him. I was unable to use my system, was not able to work since this morning. Alex was a life saver. I would rate Alex an A+ and for the dissatisfactory support, Shawn deserves a negative"

Pamela M. White

"Shawn was patient and resolved the issue to my satisfaction. He was very helpful and gave an effective resolution. Great job done Shawn. J"

John A Raymond

"Everything is working; I am able to login into Facebook. My outlook is working properly. Now you know why I have your service. Thank you so much. I do appreciate you".

Mary E Midkiff

"I am very glad that my issue is fixed. I had problem only with my email and whole system looks fine now. Thank you for your support George."

Patricia L Fossler

"Shawn fixed my issue. I called in few days before and he fixed it for me right away and I want a good review for him. Thank you so much."

Tania Barone

"You did a great job. I appreciate. Words would not be enough. I am only going to say thank you..Thank you so very much."

Jeannine M Margutti

"Everything is fine, thank you so much. You are very kind and a very nice man. "

Shirley a Shor

"Shawn's just terrific. I just wanted to pass that on. He's awesome. Very happy with the services. I couldn't ask for anyone better."

Michael O henderson

"Technician was very thorough, patient, very easily understood. I want to give the highest regards to his work. I am willing to work with Ron in future to get the best support like this time."

Richard Nowicki

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